You got your first taste of Catching Fire with these first-look pictures of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair, along with other characters, but it may not all be good news on the CF front. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Director Francis Lawrence explains that three characters from the book series may not make it into the film franchise.

The first, Bonnie, a girl from District 8 who reminds Katniss of her fallen friend from The Hunger Games, Rue. The second, Twill, another female from District 8. They are the first to reveal the rebellion in District 13 to the Jennifer Lawrence-portrayed heroine. To find out the third character axed from the flick, watch the video above and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news.

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  • gracie

    i love it it is the best

  • GG


  • jolly

    Thats pretty bad…because of them Katniss is thinking about the revolution thing…because of them she knows about district 13…I really hate it, when the movies just bring out phantasie stories and donĀ“t keep the story like it is…Darius ..ok…not the most important guy,,but still important,,but the two girls..?! So then is propably Gale the main person?
    I hope that the makers are not developing a new story beside the book!
    And hey: I hope that Peeta is not again such a poor boy who is week and helpless without Katniss!!! I mean, he is her rock and her peace in the games and also in life, so why was he not THAT Peeta in the last movie…He is such a cool guy( Peeta, not Josh H..) and worthy to be showed as he is!!! Katniss loves him, right?!

  • Chelsi

    OK how is stuff going to go anywhere it Bonnie And Twill aren’t in it THEY WERE THE START THEY WERE THE ONES WHO INFORMED KATNESS THAT THERE WAS A REBELLION

  • keely

    I think that im a hunger games fanatic. I dont care if they cut anyone from tthe movie exept hamitch, katniss, gale, peeta, or president snow. I love all the people who played the roles they are amazing for the parts and I cant wait to see them on the big screen. jen. law. is my role model and josh H is a total hottie. ( sorry if i went to far )
    Im in love with how gale ( liam H ) can go from an accsent to none in the movie. the moral of the story is I love the books and movies and cant wait for them to pop out into action!!!!!!

  • robyn

    They better have some decent way of replacing the role of Bonnie and Twill, they are kind of the reason the series has anywhere to go outside of the arena. Darius, he may not be super important to the plot but he is extremely important to the character development of Katniss. He is one of the only people she truly trusts and cares for, and he is a symbol of hope in district 12, a silent steady hope, not like Katniss and Peeta who just kind of explode into the world, but a real, calm, empathetic source of hope. He is the embodiment of good in a place were good is costly and hard to come by. He should never have been cut.

  • JJ

    I think it depends on how they have the seen play out in the movie. Darius is important but the movie can go on without him. They can have a random person stand up for Gale because if you have not read the books and go see the movie you probably won’t understand the significance of Darius anyway. I am curious about how they plan to have Katniss learn about the rebellion. They can always add other things into the movie like the Seneca Crane scenes in THG.

  • a

    they can’t take out darius, he’s so important! not happy w/ Bonnie or twill being cut either…

  • Kathy

    Darius is a big part of the book, Bonnie and Twill also. How else will she hear about the Rebellion and District 13, not the news…

  • will moore

    i just hope they find a better ending than the book i read all three didn”t like the final result. its like they made her a hero, after all that , kicked her to the curb

  • Emily

    I am sad I liked all three characters and I feel like Bonnie and Twill are the main reasons why so much happens in book three without them she never would have know about district 13 to begin with…LAME!

  • Harley

    They shouldn’t cut anybody! Man, stick to the movie people!!!

  • Melody

    I think they should keep Bonnie and Twill because Bonnie plays a BIG part in all 3 books.

  • Elise

    I feel better now that Ive found out how it is

  • L

    What Darius is being cut? He was pretty important in the whole wipping scene with Gale! I am kinda sad! They can’t cut Bonnie and Twill they help Katniss learn about the whole rebellion and the uprising in District 8!

  • Jane

    i think that they should keep Bonnie and Twill, i really liked them in the book and they seemed pretty important