While One Direction‘s in Japan to play two huge shows and shoot the 1D 3D movie, the boys were scheduled to attend a press conference to further promote their super-successful Take Me Home album. And, similarly to Kristen Stewart’s segment on a Japanese talk show, there was some difficulties with the translations.

Nevertheless, even when the boys didn’t understand what the heck was going on, it was still amusing to watch their facial expressions (like at 11:16 where Harry’s nose begins to twitch). One of the best moments is when Niall begins explaining the band’s highlight of the trip around the 10:40 mark: “We’re all fans of robots and Zayn got a robot.” The downside: Zayn left before the conference really started; looks like he wasn’t feeling so hot. Poor guy.

Overly-Attached GF Spoofs One Direction!

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  1. Teen.com
    emm says:

    Zayn look SO different with his hair like that!!!

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