You know you have a fun and secure relationship when you let your boyfriend do your makeup. But you know your coupledom is completely rock solid when he allows you to give him a girly makeover for all of the world to see. After allowing BF Jai Brooks to add eye shadow, foundation, lip liner and whatever else she had in her beauty collection to her face, Ariana Grande and the Janoskians lad sat down in front of a computer screen again and flipped it so she could do the same to his.

Some of the cutest quotes include Ariana saying, “Your eyelashes are stunning.” And Jai admitting, “I look hot.” So modest. It gets even better when he asks for a wig and puts on Ariana’s clothes. Watch above!

Let’s Talk About Ariana Grande’s BF, Jai Brooks…

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14 Responses to "Ariana Grande Does Boyfriend Jai Brooks’ Makeup (VIDEO)"

    Lexipooisbae xxx says:

    I love you Ariana Grande!!!!

    Franky says:

    Hi ariana I think u r just perfect and I like your shows and I hope u have a great life

    Alex says:

    I’m going to beats the beep out of Jai brooks he stle my girl I love her he probley doesn’t I love Ariane Granda a lot

    selena says:

    wish you good luck Ariana

    bella carr says:

    i love the janoskians so much my favourite janoskian is luke anthony mark brooks

    isabella carr says:

    i love this guy but he dosent know that am alive

    what should i do

    i love luke anthnoy mark brooks

    Hunter Glebocki says:

    Jai Brooks is SO HOT!!!

    janey says:

    yo boo hot

    Ariana Johns says:

    Hey Ariana (That sounded weird cause like im ariana too i like your music and how you act and i hope you are ok :)

    brandon says:

    he suck cock

    ASHLEY says:

    hey Arina i love your show!!!! First of all i think yuor BF looks HOT. :D and i love to be like u some day and i just put a random birthday and stuff cuz i really dont like give out personal info.


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