Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at Jasmine V.‘s video for “Paint a Smile,” but the whole video was just released! The singer just posted her latest video, and not only will it get your toes tapping, but there’s a touching message behind it, too. When we spoke with Jasmine for her episode of My Day. My Life., she told us that the concept behind the video is to “make the best” out of life’s not-so-pleasant situations, adding, “Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life.”

The video starts off with a distraught Jasmine leaving a motel as flashbacks begin coming to her. As she sits and thinks about the past, she decides to drive off into the desert — and her future. Part of her journey leads her to a gas station where she meets a dreamy worker, and while at the gas station she changes her clothes and her attitude. The video ends with a cheerful Jasmine dancing on a counter at a diner. Life sure is looking up! Watch the video in full above, and tell us what you think about it in the comments.

Jasmine V. – My Day. My Life.

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  • Jazmine J .

    I love this song.! I love all of them.! && When I listen to her i always get a smile on my face .

  • Michelle

    I loved the video & I loved how J Drew was in the video too ♥

  • roxanne quima

    the whole video was so amazing..just like didn’t mean it.hop 2 see jasmine doing a very nice video…luv yah jas..ur so talented and gorgeous..stay sweet & humble as u r..!!

  • cynthia pal

    I love the song and video!!! Makes me wanna go nd drive in a dessert while blasting this song :) I just recently broke up with my ex boyfriend so this song definitely made me smile :)

    • bibiana

      hey..well i really like ur music and well im hoping to one day be as talented as you are…