As if we weren’t excited enough for Justin Bieber‘s BELIEVE acoustic album, he goes and does something like this! Even though the album leaked earlier this week, Justin just released a video of him singing an acoustic version of his hit tune “As Long As You Love Me” for a packed house. How lucky are those girls?!

With just himself and a buddy playing the guitar, JB certainly does the normally poppy song justice with this stripped down version. Looking cute in a black tee and jean vest, Justin flashes his┬ásignature┬ásmile all throughout the performance. We can’t wait to listen to the whole acoustic album!

Watch the performance for yourself above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments.

JB vs. 1D: Who Has The Better ‘I Would’ Song?

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  • liliy

    i hate when the guy het justin bieber

  • angelica sellers

    I just love justin bieber & not just because he’s justin bieber though.
    He really inspires me of what he stands up for & what he believes in, Its amazing to me! He’s an 18 year old teenager & stands up for religion & is always trying to do that right thing.
    -Justin bieber fan but not obbsessed!