We gave you the top five best “Harlem Shake” videos (so far) earlier this week, and this one is definitely a worthy addition! YouTube singing sensations Cimorelli┬ádecided to put their own twist on the Internet craze, and it’s sure to get you laughing up a storm.

From a banana suit, to crazy hats, and colorful robes and everything in between, everyone got in on the fun as they dance around to the infectious song. Watch it for yourself above, and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

Harlem Shake: The Peanuts Edition

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  • leah


  • Vanessa

    BEST HARLEM SHAKE EVER! #CimorelliHarlemShake <33

  • Vanessa

    BEST HARLEM SHAKE EVERRRRR. #CimorelliHarlemShake <3333

  • Louise

    I LOVE THEM SO MUCH :DDD Thank you for featuring them they’re really hilarious :DDDD And I can’t wait for their album to be out !

  • lucy lorenzana

    I LOVEEEEEEEEE THE VIDEO! HAHAHA best video eveeeer….! CimFam til the endddd:D