Let the madness begin! March 21 is the official start of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament where 68 teams play, but only one can be crowned champion. Every year millions get excited as they fill out their brackets, hoping to pick the right teams so they can advance to the next round, and (if that’s how you’re playing) ultimately win some money.

The adorable Kid President has filled out his own bracket, and is sharing his picks with ESPN. He even put his own spin on things and is calling it March Gladness. (How cute is that?!) So, who does he have taking it all? Georgetown? UNC? Duke? Watch the video above to see who he picked!

Get to Know the Kid President

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    f*** yall says:

    hell f***in ya rockin this muter f***a

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    gabby says:

    hey lovers

  3. Teen.com
    gabby says:

    hey yall

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