Alex Aiono has been busy opening up for R5 during their LOUD tour, but he’s recently dropped a lyric video for his tune “Doesn’t Get Better,” and Teen is exclusively premiering it! That’s right, the 16-year-old singer has got a brand new lyric video, and you can watch it right this second.

The video for the catchy tune features lots of stunning nature scenes, flashing lights, interesting cityscapes and much more. In fact, each lyric that pops up is in some way or another incorporated with the scene that’s being shown. Pretty cool, right? This song will definitely get your toes tapping!

Watch the lyric video for yourself above, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section!

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6 Responses to "Exclusive: Watch Alex Aiono’s ‘Doesn’t Get Better’ Video!"

    Talalima says:

    A nice lovely summer song definitely!!

    Leah says:

    I just followed you.

    Suleela says:

    why dont i know him better??????? #iheartalex

    Danni Sirman says:

    I love him!!

    Tanner says:

    This kid is going places!!! Great song to jam to, love it! :)

    Kayla says:

    I went to Elementary school with Alex and it’s MIND BLOWING how amazing he is. Keep up the amazing work Alex!! <3

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