She may be the youngest celebrity to ever compete on Dancing with the Stars, but Zendaya Coleman‘s going to win this year. At least, according to Jimmy Kimmel. During the Shake It Up! actress’ appearance on his talk show, Jimmy says he put down money that she would take home the Season 16 trophy. However, since she came out so strong in the first few episodes, he said that it would be great if something terrible could happen, like losing a pet, to gain the sympathy votes. What he didn’t expect was her big reveal…

Zendaya responds, “My dog actually has cancer, so…” One would normally be taken aback by the news, and offer ‘hope he/she gets better’ wishes. Jimmy, on the other hand: “Your dog has cancer? Oh my dog, this is great. Why have you not mentioned this on the show?… Your dog has cancer, I couldn’t have written it better myself.” See it in context above!

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5 Responses to "Zendaya Reveals Her Dog Has Cancer on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ (VIDEO)"

    Courtney says:

    I’m so so sorry for your dog

    Fiona Byers says:

    Hi Jimmy Kimmel you are getting this hard I think you should be quiet not loud that zendaya said that her dog has cancer

    Jen says:

    Jimmy Kimmel put his foot in his mouth!!! He is a cruel, insensitive man who should have his ass kicked.

    Hannah says:

    Poor Zendaya :( I think Jimmy showed some sympathy by changing the subject as fast as he could :) But I do think he was a little insensitive

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