This is one festival we want to join! Recently, a huge group of people gathered to participate in the Festival of Color. Featuring live music, the event itself is pretty self-explanatory – people throw around powdered color to make a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Though we’re sure participating in the festival itself is fun, it’s almost better to watch the even go down as you get to see all the different colors burst into the air. Watch the stunning video above!

Too Cute! Watch These Playful Pandas!

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3 Responses to "Festival of Colors 2013"

    dania says:

    mee likieeeee haha !

    Disha says:

    well it is called Holi and it is not played with paint its powdered colors and there is a story behind this festival :)
    i know all this cause i’m and Indian

    Disha says:

    The festival is called Holi and its not paint its powdered color and it is a lot of fun.
    I know all this cause I’m an Indian

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