Justin Bieber has plenty of tattoos himself, but it looks like he’s putting his own tattoo artistry to the test! Recently, the 19-year-old singer was hanging out with famed tattoo artist Bang Bang (who has inked up stars like Justin and Rihanna) and let Justin take the needle for a spin and give him a tattoo.

They’re both pretty quiet throughout the vid, but at one point Bang Bang says, “So easy right?” To which Justin replied, “Yeah, man.” So, what did Justin ink him with? A little cartoon character with mouse ears, with the word “swaggy” next to it. Watch the video above to see Justin in action and check out the final result! What do you think of Justin’s latest antics? Sound off in the comments section!

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  • Black Poison

    Nice article.nice video.

  • Samantha

    i would let him do a tattoo all over my body!

  • denitsa

    i would love to let him do my tattoo ♥