Hot off the release of the high school marching band-fueled music video, “Pom Poms,” the Jonas Brothers are nowhere near taking it slow. Not only did the trio recently announce a full-blown summer tour — starting July 10! — but the band just went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to meet-and-greet a very special fan. And possibly… give her a kiss?? Watch the video above to see what went down!

Will you see the JoBros on tour? What do you think of “Pom Poms? Tell us in the comments below!

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4 Responses to "WATCH: The Jonas Brothers Meet (and Kiss??) Their #1 Fan on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO)"

    Cipul says:

    I love it that all these neo-con republicans on both the state and nnaioatl level, are always throwing stones about the problems facing our country, but never have any solutions. I have read the posts from hers and other neo-cons newsletters and they never have solutions just more stone throwing. I saw Boenher on Meet the Press last week and he was asked point blank “what do you want to see included in the health bill that would make you vote for it. ” and he could not give a straight answer. He danced around it with Republican talking points. We can look forward to another year of nothing getting done. I am disgusted.

    April says:

    WTH did I just watch?!? Plus the Jonas bros are getting really old

    April says:

    WTH did I just watch?!? Plus the Jonas bros are getting old :P

    melu-directioner says:

    me encanta pom poms

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