The latest movie in the Scary Movie franchise hits theaters tomorrow, so Ashley Tisdale, who plays the lead female role in the film, is off doing her promo thing, most recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. During her stint, the former High School Musical star informs that audience of the not-so-skilled character she portrays.

She says, “I’m playing a stepmom. I’m not really good at it.”

Sarah Hyland, Tyler Posey, Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, and more will also make appearances in the parody. And be prepared because Mama, Inception and Paranormal Activity are just a few of the movies getting spoofed. Watch Ashley’s interview, plus a clip of her stepmother skills — she sets her baby’s head on fire! — above, then tell us if you’re pumped to see Scary Movie 5 in the comments.

Fashion Faceoff: Britney Spears vs. Ashley Tisdale!

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  • Cora

    I love Ashley Tisdale!

    • Carrie

      Then you either are blind and deaf or just have horrible taste. I await your pitiful “OMG IT’S MY OPINION U HATRRR” response with curiosity…

  • Blondie

    Ashley Tisdale sucks? Wow, it’s taken you guys a long time to figure THAT one out.