After MONTHS of waiting, and plenty of sneak peeks, we’ve FINALLY had our first look at the Catching Fire trailer, courtesy of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards… and it looks pretty awesome. While they definitely are shying away from the arena scenes thus far — why do we have to keep waiting to see Finnick?! — that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since that’s pretty much what they did for the first film.

The trailer starts off with President Snow plotting against Katniss with new gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee, but little does he know Plutarch is plotting a little something of his own. It then follows up with the pretty intense scene in District 11 where one of its residents does Rue’s three finger salute, causing hell to break loose.

Other highlights include getting to see Katniss and Gale kiss(!), and Prim getting all mature on us — to name a few. Check out the trailer for yourself above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments!

Test Your Catching Fire Knowledge

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  • cesar

    i didn’t like the movie

  • Mavie

    OMG There’s no Finnik in the trailer :/ I was looking forward for Finnik :/ I LOVE Finnik! Whe’re is Finnik?:D But trailer is still god, but with Finnik it would be better.

    • Bella

      If you love Finnick so much, why can’t you spell his name right?

    • Annie

      Don’t be stupid, of course there’s Finnick! Did you not see his poster??!

    • Annie

      There has to be a Finnick ! Duh who else would be her stylist in the movie?!

      • Harriet

        Finnick isn’t her stylist he’s another victor you idiot