Didn’t get a chance to watch the 2013 MTV Movie Awards? Don’t sweat it too much. We have everything you need, like the best dressed celebrities, all the winners and, perhaps most importantly, the best moments of the night — including Selena Gomez‘s performance of “Come and Get It!”

This was the first time the singer performed her single, which leaked early last week, for a large/live audience, and she came ready to rock it. If we’re being honest, her vocals weren’t all that, but her Bollywood-style number was at least different. Watch it for yourself above, then tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Selena Gomez message board!

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  • Naseem

    i dont think taylor is a vigrin. dont get me wrong, im not hatin, i love t-swift like mad crazy, but all she sings about is love, and when your in-love sometimes people you know.. make love . but thats just my opinon. i dont really know her sex´╗┐ life lol

  • elisa

    selena and perfect

    • Acs

      Oh my god, I actually thugoht that they were not gonna win this year…but I am REALLY glad they they did!!! only down side…Rob wasn’t there :((

  • imraan ahamed

    selena, you are awsome, astonishing, super .I LOVE THE SONG AND YOUR PERFORMANCE IN “COME AND GET IT”
    AND I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!