Now this is a game we’d like to see more celebrities play. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kevin Jonas participated in a round of “Plead the Fifth,” where he agreed to answer questions sent in by fans via Twitter, but was allowed to, like the title suggests, ‘plead the Fifth’ and choose to pass.

For the most part, he was compliant, answering questions about who’s his favorite brother (it was Nick Jonas on that particular day), which family member’s the cutest, which of his bro’s ex-girlfriends is his least favorite (Miley Cyrus? Ashley Greene?), etc. But the question that stuck out the most was about the most overrated pop star at the moment, mainly because of his answer.

He starts off by complimenting Demi Lovato, so it’s not her. Then he begins saying “Did you watch the MTV- No, no, I’m not going there.” You know how he was going to end that original thought, right? “Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards?” And, considering Selena Gomez was really the only ‘pop star’ to perform (watch the show here), well… you understand what we’re getting at. However, he totally cops out and goes for PSY instead. Lame!

Watch the interview above for more, including KevJo’s feelings on One Direction, then tell us if you think he took a jab at Selena!

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  • Amber

    Yeah Selena is totally overrated she can’t sing to save her life. :p

  • A

    yeah. says the guy with the “best voice” in their band. selena is not the worst singer in the whole world you know, rebecca black is still around. 😉

  • Lana

    I wish more people would come to their senses about her..SHE CAN’T SING, but she’s where she is bc she’s pretty and a good actress

  • S

    Finally! Thank you Kevin for being honest! Someone finally points out how overrated Selena Gomez is. I mean, she’s a great actress and dancer, but singing, not so much. Kevin is an absolute legend :)

  • giselle

    Kevin dat was rude

  • zoey

    whats a jab

  • LIAM !!!

    YEES 1D IS THE BEST !!! HA!!!

  • Mariam

    omg! He so just took a jab at Selena GOMEZ for being overrated! And almost told her to stick to acting! dayum kev!