They may’ve not won the grand title on The X Factor, but the girls of Fifth Harmony certainly won us over with their latest cover. On the fivesome’s YouTube channel, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton and Camila Cabello can be found crooning Taylor Swift‘s “Red,” and it is all kinds of beautiful. (T.Swift, better watch out. Just sayin’.)

Watch the video above! What do you think? Is it better than the original? And what would you like to hear 5H cover next? Tell us in the comments!

WATCH: Fifth Harmony Covers Ed Sheeran!

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  • Vera

    Wow!! These girls are amazing!!!! I like the girl with the head band, she gave me chills. And the girl in the middle looks like Megan Fox. I think I might prefer them over LM. WOW!!

  • Nicole

    i love camila’s voice so much..she gives me chills everytime she sings

  • Shelby

    haters, haters everywhere. they are amazing

  • kxk007

    the girl with the long hair is family of megan fox?she is so pretty

  • jess

    sorry but the girl with the headband can’t sing is she sick or something.

    • Mai

      she is sick, and still sounds really good lol

  • sofia

    little mix are better and more pretty

    • Alexis

      You’re kidding, right?? lmao gtfo

  • lolo

    i like them but please stop saying that they are better than Taylor you are gonna make taylor fans hate them….

  • blake

    who are this cimorelli wannabes.PLEASE GO AWAY

  • kate


  • Jess


  • Sarah

    They’re really amazing, much better than the original. This arrangement fits more.

  • Gaby

    They are sooo good! Love them

  • loltay

    they are so annoying

    • Liz

      that doesn’t change the fact that their extremely talented oops

  • t.87

    (T.Swift, better watch out. Just sayin) lol they are ugly

    • amy

      LOL you must be blind

    • Alexis

      it’s pretty obvious you’re a taylor swift fan. the fact that you’re hating on these girls just because people think this cover is better than the original lol wow, grow up, yeah? and btw this video is showing their talent, not their looks. they’re nowhere near being “ugly”, they’re all beautiful. and even if they weren’t attractive, what does that have to do with this article or the video?? the world doesn’t revolve solely on outer appearances, just saying.

  • Sruthi

    5th Harmony is AMAZAYN! And they are WAY better than Taylor Swift.

  • m&m

    They are amazing. So much better than taylor swift