We wish we would have thought of this! One cat owner decided to put their little feline in a shark costume, and as if that wasn’t cute enough, they then put that cat on a Roomba, and let it roam around. We know cats can be pretty feisty, but it looks like this little kitty doesn’t mind all these bells and whistles!

Oh, and did we mention there’s a little duckling that’s following the cat around? Yeah, you’re welcome. Watch the video above!

Who Said Cats Don’t Like Vacuums?

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  • Marie

    My cat doesn’t like vacuums because the people who had her before they gave her to us, used to chase her with it so it scares her.
    I brought her home when I was eight and loudly announced to my parents, “WE HAVE A CAT NOW.” lol but we kept her. Thank goodness too because me and sister were going to get hamsters but I’m afraid of them.

  • Sammy

    This was just plain random.