Since “Friday” debuted in 2011 and made a YouTube phenomenon out of Rebecca Black, the now 15-year-old has yet to release anything that’s lived up to the hype of her first video. (Seriously, do you even remember “Sing It” or “My Moment?” Our point exactly.) But maybe, just maybe, that’s about to change.

The latest vid on her YouTube channel not only has a special guest — hello, Dave Days — but also covers one of the greatest pop/R&B artists at the moment, Rihanna. Watch as RB takes on arguably one of Rih’s most emotional songs of all time, “Stay,” then tell us what you think of Rebecca’s new sound in the comments!

Rebecca Black Admits She’s a Fan of Joey Graceffa!

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  • Quang

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  • leiis

    very good post
    interesting points

  • chrissie

    her voice sounds lot better in this song way way better maybe her problem the first time was she had crappy producer and they did crappy job making her voice sound good and made it worse but she sounds pretty good in this video

    • S

      Um…OR she and her voice matured over the course of two years…

  • Dghjj

    Wow. S that her real voice. Cuz if it is she
    is good