Trying to get a guy’s attention can be difficult, right? Not if you’re using One Direction lyrics! In the premiere episode of JennXPenn‘s new Teen show Stranger Danger, she trolls people IRL by hitting on them with lines from popular 1D songs.

Jenn headed over to California State University, Northridge for this little social experiment, and we have to admit, the results are pretty hilarious. First, she makes herself comfortable by sitting down at a table with a guy, then says the opening lyrics from “Kiss You.” “I just want to take you anywhere that you’d like,” to which he replies, “What do you mean?” She continues, then the guy tells her he doesn’t live in the area!

Up next, she starts walking around the campus, and uses lyrics from 1D’s most popular song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” How does the guy react? And what other antics does she get into in this episode? Watch the video above to find out, and tune into Stranger Danger every Wednesday at 4 PM ET!


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  • Laura

    She used the wrong 1D songs, she should have used Truly, Madly, Deeply or Irresistible, that would have worked better, especially if she just used the choruses. That would have reeled them in, which would have made the video even more funny.

  • kailey

    this is a copy of that vevo thing and its also kindfa awkward that a girl is doing it

  • Sammy

    Lol! Love jennxpenn!