Welcome to Teen’s new show Dare or Dare with Kian Lawley where NO dare is off limits! (OK, we’re sure some dares are, but we just haven’t gotten there yet.) For the first episode, Kian is all about bitter tastes.

Kian’s first dare involved eating not one, not two, but THREE spoonfuls of mustard. We know that might not sound that gross, but when you’re eating them one after the other, we can bet it would be pretty unappetizing. He even said it was “horrid” and that he never wants to eat mustard again!

After that, he took a lemon and two limes, and squeezed it all together in a glass and — you guessed it — drank it all down. How does he react? Was it worse than the mustard? Watch the video above to find out!


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  • Tori-Ronnie

    Run up to random starangers and say “I have too poop where bathroom!”

  • henry lorhan flynn

    awesome n gross, but cool, I dare u to eat both

  • Amani

    Kian your teeth turned so yellow after eating the mustard!!

  • Rachel


  • Ashly

    you’re so cute.<3

  • Sammy

    That’s so gross!

    • Annie

      Gross yet entertaining:]