We’re back with a whole new batch of My Day. My Life. episodes, and our first one is with Cimorelli — the YouTube singing sensation who just so happen to be sisters! We caught up with all six of them — Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani — to see what their typical day is like.

Things got off to an early start for the sisters, as they all headed to a park to do an interview with a girl who was working on a Girl Scout project about positive body image. Then, Katherine’s phone stopped working, so they headed off to get her a new one. After their phone fun, they went and picked up a pet hamster! But don’t worry it wasn’t all fun and games, as they caught Amy doing some school work. Looks like they’ve got a good work/fun balance going on!

We also were able to catch up with them and chat about fan encounters, who they’d like to collaborate with (hint, Justin Bieber!) and much more. Watch the video above to see a day in the life of Cimorelli!


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  • Megan smith

    You guys are so funny and very talented

  • mariah809

    I love cimorelli!!!!!! I want to meet them in person!!!!
    My favorite is Lisa,Lauren,and Katherine!!!!!
    My favorite video is 22!! I really enjoyed it!!1
    my favorite thing about Lisa,Lauren,and Katherine

  • Ashlyn

    i love this video and i am 10 every single day i watch you videos i loveyou cuys so muck and i like this video too

  • Jamie

    I love them so much <3

  • Elle

    These girls are incredible role models, thank you so much for posting about them! Can’t wait to see more from them 😀 Thank you!

  • Amber

    Love Cimorelli so much! Thank you Teen for doing this video on them haha it was so interesting seeing what a day in their life is like :) #cimfam I’m actually going to their benefit concert on May 5th! so excited!

  • Sammy

    I love Cimorelli!

  • Bailey

    I LOVE CIMORELLI! i hope they do more of these things because they are super fun! and dani your always hungry! lolz but this was really cool!! CIMFAM <3

  • Jess

    Cimorelli are amazing and I love this video, thanks for making it. The CimFam love Cimorelli.

  • Iris

    Thank you so much for making this about Cimorelli :)
    I love seeing what they do on their daily life <33
    They´re amazing, they´re the best role models that I could ever asked for!
    I´m so proud of how far they´ve come working hard and believing it :)

  • @CimorelliCrush

    Cimorelli Is Awesome <3

  • Kristina loves Cimorelli ♥

    Oh I love it! I waited so long for a video like this! :))
    What about a house tour?

  • Aalijah

    Thank you for this video!! Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU CIMORELLI! <3

  • Ashley

    I love Cimorelli, I’m beyond proud of them, I’d love to life in Cimorelli’s life for a day.

  • Trisha Marasigan

    I love this video! I hope there’s more videos coming up too.. (: I just want to say that I’m a very very proud CimFam… Please Follow me on twitter @TrishaCim12.. Thanks!! Love youuuu!! <3

  • Arielle Thomas

    Thank you so much teen.com for posting about Cimorelli! The CimFam (Cimorelli’s fandom) really appreciates it. Please continue to post about these girls and I promise that the CimFam will keep checking in. Thanks again! xoxo

  • Kelsey

    Love them. They should have their own TV show. Like seriously.