Last week, we saw Joey defeat Meghan while playing Mario Chase — and she had to eat a dinner of mustard, relish, and a milk creamer! — but who will be the victor this time around? For the latest episode of PWND, the duo sits down the play a game of Temple Run. One thing working in Meghan’s favor for this particular game? Joey’s never even played it!

That’s right, you get to witness Joey’s very first time playing the popular game. So, Meghan decides to go first, and breaks down the game a little bit for those who haven’t played. Meghan plays her round and ends up getting an impressive 112,356 points! Then, of course, it’s Joey’s turn to play!

So, who ends up winning? And more importantly — who ended up having to pick from the Jar of Consequences?! One hint we will give you about the consequence — the loser has to do the Harlem Shake by themselves out in public! Watch the video above to find out who has to do it!


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  • Eduardo

    Thanks Adam, I love hearing that!! Why does evtyerhing come with a camera in it these days?! You go to the grocery store and even the grapefruits have cameras in them. Can I just get a grapefruit? Ha.

  • parker

    do tomb raider

  • Kristen

    They entered a race called ‘The Amazing Race’ and they are good in it :)

  • Sammy

    Joey was hilarious in this!