The four leading ladies may don red coats in the first poster for Pretty Little Liars‘ fourth season, but they’re far from fans of the girl who sports the outerwear on the show. And in the first-ever sneak peek, we see that they’re even teaming up with their #1 frenemy to expose her.

“I need to find out who Red Coat is. She tried to kill all of us,” says a hooded Mona in the 30-second teaser. Does this mean she’s on Team Little Liars for good?

To cap it off, there’s a text from “A” to send chills up and down your spine: “The truth won’t set you free. I’m going to bury you with it.”

Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 premieres at 8pm ET on June 11 on ABC Family. WDYT of the teaser? Do you think Mona’s truly reformed? And who’s Red Coat?! So. Many. Questions. Leave your answers in the comments below, or on our Pretty Little Liars message board!

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