It’s Selena Gomez like you’ve never seen her before! The 20-year-old singer debuted her latest music video on MTV on Tuesday, and it’s safe to say Selena is all grown up. Featuring the Bollywood look Selena has been going for ever since she released the single last month, she shows off some sensual moves in the visually stunning vid.

The vid starts off in a nature setting — does it remind anyone else of the meadow in Twilight? — and shows off a series of what was assume is foreshadowing for the rest of the video. Fire! Eagles! Water! Almost making out with some one!

Showing off her best Bollywood dance moves, nature and the elements are certainly a big theme for this vid. To check it out for yourself, watch it above!

Looks Like Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are Back On…

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  • Lizzy

    i dont really like her and she was a disney singer, not a whore before, i mean come on! all of the disney singers are like this now. if walt disney saw disney not,he would cry…

  • Lika

    she’s lovely :**:*

  • marie j (selenator)

    this music video is awesome!! great job!! actually from 1:33 i noticed that she’s like rihanna from :where have you been” 😀 dresses are like each other. 😀

  • marie j (selenator)

    the music video is awesome.. great job.. actually at 1:33 i noticed that she is like rihanna from “where have you been” 😀

  • GinaMarie Curto

    I thought the Music video was awesome, everything was amazingg, i would love to meet her!!<3

  • Joana Bueno

    Love it! Different of things she has done before. Love from Brazil.

  • Joana

    Love it! Something different of things she has done before. Love from brazil.

  • Kassandra


  • Sammy

    I loved the music video!