The Wanted might not be your typical boy band, but they’re paying homage to some of the greats in their latest video, “Walks Like Rihanna!” The vid starts off with a typical casting meeting for a “video girl,” but quickly goes into montages of the guys channeling their inner *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys!

The first shout-out is of the guys doing the same puppet look from *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” video, then the guys go into the all white suits from Backstreet’s “I Want It That Way.” They’ve even got the dance moves to boot! Eventually, the guys end up doing their own thing, which is obviously fantastic. Watch the video above for yourself!

Check Out the Cover Art For ‘Walks Like Rihanna’!

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  • maya

    Why are people talking about big time rush? They copied both NSync’s “Bye Bye Bye” video, Backstreet Boys “As Long As You Love Me” video, Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” video and a lot of both bands’ other videos. I get why people are referring it to big time rush’s videos, because big time rush did copy NSync and Backstreet Boys as well, and people of this generation are just too naive and too young to actually realize what good music is.

    • Maria Valera Sheffield

      We aren’t too naive to realize what good music is, it’s our generation we get to choose what music makes it Big Time Rush copied the vids to show past boy bands and show they are the present and now the wanted posts this a couple weeks later and this concept was already taken like Blah says looks like copiers

  • Blah

    This is not my favorite song and Big Time Rush just did the same thing for their video. It makes The Wanted look like copiers. Not impressed

  • Sammy

    I love their new song!

  • Annoynmous

    Didn’t they kind of copy BIg Time Rushs video for like nobody’s around
    Btr were past boy bands including NYSYC and backstreet boys- even had the white outfits

    • Sandy

      I see what you mean just watched BTRs video and they have the same concept of the previous popular boy bands