It’s like he’s trying to make us fall in love with him. While chilling with the peeps at BuzzFeed, Darren Criss and all of his purr-fection further proves his awesomeness by singing the theme songs to some of the best ’90s television shows.

On the list: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DuckTales, Boy Meets World, All That and more. (Sorry, former 7th Heaven viewers — clearly, the Glee star wasn’t a fan back in the day.)

Watch and listen to the magic above, fall even more in love perhaps, then tell us what your favorite ’90s theme song was in the comments!

Quiz: What Type of ’90s Kid Were You?

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  • Sammy

    I love him so much!

  • Faith

    Love you Darren its ok I don’t know the 7th Heaven theme either :/

    • Ammar

      Thanks Teuvo, yeah shame you couldn’t make it but glad you’ll be in Chicago this sumemr it is going to be great! I think it would be awesome if some folks put together a little caravan/bus-trip/tour and drive up through Boulder, Kansas (great group of folks there) and to Chicago. Wish I could do Taos but doesn’t look like it will be possible this year.