Last week on Craft-Teen, host Ashley Adams showed you how to make your very own pair of adorable lace boxer shorts, but now she’s teaching you how to make a to-go mason jar! Joined by a very special guest — Jamie from Do It, Gurl! — these two show you how to put a unique spin on a very popular trend.

For this very environmentally friendly DIY (an inexpensive!) craft, you’ll need: a glue gun, a hammer, a huge nail, a finishing washer, a straw, a scrap piece of wood, and a mason jar (well, duh!). First, you’ll take the lid off the mason jar, and use the big nail to hammer a hole into the top. You’ll want to hole to be big enough for the straw to fit in.

Then, you’ll put the finishing washer in the hole you made, with the help of the glue gun. After that, you just put the straw in the hole, put the lid on and┬ávoila! You have yourself a brand new to-go jar. There’s even a little bonus craft Ashley shows you at the end! Hint, it involves delicious fruit!

To get the full breakdown of how to make this awesome craft, watch the video above!

1. Take off top of mason jar and put it on scrap wood. You are going to try to hammer in four holes, using your big nail, that are big enough for a straw to go through.
2. Take glue gun and fill washer up with glue and put washer on top of hole you made.
3. Put straw through hole and put top on your mason jar.

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  • Kristen

    Made mine!!! I love it!!!
    Check my pic out? The link is

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  • Sammy

    This is cute!