Selena Gomez deserves a big round of applause right about now. The singer’s first single, “Come and Get It,” off her upcoming album is already platinum! (Guess all that seemingly-endless publicity — i.e. at the MTV Movie Awards, on The Ellen Show, on Dancing with the Stars, etc. — paid off, eh?) Now that that’s out of the way, we can focus on more news about the track: It just got remixed. Eight. Separate. Times.

Just like pal Demi Lovato, whose “Heart Attack” single got very similar treatment a couple weeks back, Sel’s song was hit with fresh dance beats. Listen to all of them above, then tell us which one’s your personal favorite in the comments below, or on our Selena Gomez message board!

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4 Responses to "LISTEN: Selena Gomez’s Eight “Come and Get It” Remixes"

    Veronika says:

    SUPER!!!!! This is so cool!!!

    Lexie says:

    YAAAAAY! this song is amazing. buh bye haters.

    Sammy says:

    They all sound really cool!

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