Last week on Dare or Dare, we saw Kian Lawley put ice down his pants, and while this week’s dares might not be as physically painful, they might leave some emotional scars. Kian was dared to dance around in public, so what better place than to do than at a grocery store? Busting a move not only with himself,  he also manages to go up to a few random ladies and (we assume) make their day.

For the second half of Kian’s dare, he had to eat a jelly-filled donut without licking his lips. Sounds pretty easy right? You might be surprised! Is Kian able to finish the dare without licking his sugary lips? Watch the video to find out, and make sure to leave your dare suggestions in the comments!


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  • Cherry

    1.) do a backflip
    2.) make out with a random person

  • Joey

    Wear a bikini top and girl’s shorts in public

  • Sohana

    Go in public and tell everyone you have an imaginary friend named Bob

  • Sara

    Eat 3 disgusting things