Hey guys! So on last week‘s episode of Prank Off I was the victim of a VICIOUS prank attack, lol, but this week Meghan and I teamed up to scare Brittani Louise Taylor! We all went on a hike together, and Meghan and I told Brittani we were going to run, but she couldn’t because she had a backpack, so she was just going to stay behind and walk.

When we ran ahead I decided to hide behind some bushes, while Meghan kept and eye out for Brittani. As soon as I heard them coming my way BAM! I jumped out and scared the living crap out of Brittani!

There were a couple of people who saw it go down and they asked if we all knew each other as they walked by, LOL! Watch the video above to see it all go down, and tell us who we should prank next in the comments section!


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2 Responses to "Prank Off: Scaring Brittani Louise Taylor!"

  1. Teen.com
    Courtney says:

    lol that was too funny

  2. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    This was hilarious! Too bad she didn’t scream though.

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