Hey guys! I know you were probably expecting an episode of Prank Off today, but since I was just traveling so much, I didn’t have time to prank any one! So this week we’re doing something a little different.

As you guys know, I play a lot of Hungercraft with Stacy from Teen, but we decided we’re kind of over it, so this is our last episode ever! We wanted to go out with a bang, so that’s why we put it on Teen!

I’m sad it’s my last ep playing Hungercraft, but time to move on to something else! On to bigger and better things LOL! Anyways, make sure you watch the video above since you won’t be getting any more of these in the future LOL!


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  • Robyn

    Omg haha !!! I actually fell for it and was sitting here crying like please don’t stoppppp

    • Dmitrii

      Joey Gorgeous photography as usual! You alayws capture the vision perfectly!Amy & Ed You two are so much fun to work with, I cannot wait for your wedding!

  • Lawrence

    omg i was so sad. you guys got me good xD

  • kaylee dawn

    Joseph Michael Graceffa that was solo mean of you and her I cryed -.- haha by k still <3 you

  • Cara

    I got so sad! I didn’t want it to end! But now I’m super happy that it was just a prank! Phew!!!!!! You guys had me!!!!!!

  • rawan

    Please someone tell me how to download t he hunger games mine crafy i looked for it but i couldn’t find it :/!! Plz

    • Jaylen

      It’s regular minecraft you just have to play multiplayer and add a minecraft survival games(hunger craft) server

    • jake

      ok so if you go on minecraft and go to multiplayer and see direct connect click it then type in us12(or any number).mcsg.in and you can play love you byee

  • Rosendo

    Omg i am so glad you guys are kidding i was like omg they are ending the series!! nooo and then you guys planned on leaving us with the worst episode ever..

  • Heather

    funny thing was, you didn’t get me, Joey. (;

  • Heather

    Sorry to say, but this isn’t true. (:
    In Joey’s new Kickstarter, he says that you can win a chance to play a game of Hungercraft with him. :)

    • Brittany

      How do you all know that it wasn’t real???