More twerking goodness! After Miley Cyrus popped her booty in a unicorn onesie, we’ve seen more and more videos of celebrities (and real teens) taking on the jiggly dance move. The latest attempt: from One Direction.

During the fivesome’s Take Me Home concert in Miami, Florida, the boys got a request via Twitter to show off their twerkin’ skills. It’s, uhh, definitely interesting, but are they any match for these celebrity twerks? (Yes, we understand that Harry Styles is included in the list already.) Watch the video above, then tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

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  • Emma

    Niall ur so freaking hot I luv u

  • its aneeta

    I love this guys!, i love you harry!:-)

  • its aneeta

    I love this guys!, i love you harry!:-)

  • Laiken

    Oh my goodness . I freaking love him. Biggest directioner ever right here. Aw I love them so much . They make me smile & they’ve saved a big part of me

  • Brittany

    My friend told me to watch this as I was watching it I was drinking milk and i laught so hard it went everywhere !!!!!

  • Rachel


  • Sammy

    OMG! They are so funny! They’re hot when they’re twerking!

  • Alanna

    Personally, please don’t give me any “hate” but I think One Direction and the fans that sent in the request to Twitter is ridiculous. I don’t know if they were planning on doing it but it just seems to me that they were just doing it to be more popular or to “jump in” on the twerking trend.

  • Lucy Whysall

    This is so funny! I wish they did that at the concert I went to (: