It’s here, Victorians! Victoria Justice‘s first single, “Gold,” off her first solo album made its way onto the Internet, leading fans of Victorious in to a frenzy.

During the world premiere of the song, the 20-year-old reveals that “Gold” is “a really fun, sassy, upbeat song. It has a great summer vibe. I can’t wait to perform it this summer on my tour!” You know, the one with Big Time Rush! Get your first listen to the track above, then tell us what you think of VJ’s new sound in the comments. Are you lovin’ it more than Victorious co-star Ariana Grande‘s first solo single, “The Way?” Spill!

I’ve trying to let it go
But these butterflies I can’t ignore
’cause every time that I look at you
Know we’re in a catch 22
We’ve been friends for so long, but I
Need to tell you what’s on my mind
I’m sick and tired of playing games
’cause I know that you feel the same

Know you inside out
So I’m asking now
Take a chance on me
How much clearer can I be?

Hey, boy what’chya gonna do?
If you want me like I want you
Then man up and make your move
I’m gold, gold
You, me, good as can be
Want to be more than your company
So bet your money on me
I’m gold, gold

Do I really need to spell it out?
My heart skips when your around
I got everything that you need
So come on baby get close to me
So confused and I’m not surprised
From girl to girl, I’ve seen you roll the dice
Know all your moves dont know why I fall
Should put me off, but I want it all

Know you inside out
So I’m asking now
Take a chance on me
How much clearer can I be?


Ladada Ladadada
I’m gold, I’m gold (x2)

Been too cool just to tell you straight out
But by now I wish you figured it out
I wish you figured it, I wish you figured it, I wish ya
You’re not a fool you see what I’m about,
So by now I think you figured it out
I think you figured it out, I think you figured it out, I think ya


WATCH: Victoria Justice Takes on fun.!

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  • Dhanveer

    I love you victoria

  • kayla

    the way awesome GoLd awesome 50/50 DeaL with It

  • Bianca

    I love these song because it has a catchy tune and good lyrics

  • Ηelen

    Gold of course!

  • Kristen

    The way.

  • isabella

    Both songs are good but there’s just something about The Way that puts Ariana up there with people in the top 10’s. Gold is good and definitely a song to listen to with the top down but Victoria needs to push boundaries a bit like Ariana did.

  • Ana

    I like “the way” better !

    • Jahangir

      Geez, that’s unlevielabbe. Kudos and such.

  • Paulina

    I personally like the way better. It just has something that I like better, but this song is alright I would sing it if it came on the radio but it kinda reminds me of high school cheerleaders singing…

  • Mariah M

    I like both songs they’re both really fun and cute BUT I like the way a little more than gold

  • Destiny

    The Way is SOOOOO much better than Gold. Ariana’s song is very catchy and she can actually sing. :)

  • Haley Hunt

    I like The Way more, but she did a really good. I will be singing along with this while I’m in the car. :)

  • @emilyyyxo

    The way is sooo much better. this sounds so immature and auto tuned

  • kevin

    Awsome song, Victoria is a beautiful talented girl

  • Anon

    Love the song. Catchy tune, good lyrics. There’s an element of possibly an unrequited love, but in no way are the lyrics needy or submissive. In other words, a song about a lost love with a spice of girl power. Vocally I think she did very well. Shows great control and adds nice little touches here and there.

  • Maria


  • Morgan

    Victoria SLAYS Ariana! The Way is so boring. Gold is AMAZINGGGG!

  • Sammy

    I like her song!

  • Julia

    I like The Way much than this, but Victoria still did a fantastic job! I will support all the Victorious stars until the end <3