If you thought this was your typical YouTube cover — you’re sorely mistaken! Nickelodeon stars Keke Palmer and Max Schneider, along with YouTube sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider, teamed up for an amazing rendition of Jason DeRulo‘s hit song “The Other Side.”

However, unlike most cover songs — they actually got the artist to join in! That’s right, about halfway into the music video we see a mysterious figure showing off some dance moves, and it’s revealed to be Jason himself!

Dare we say it’s better than the original?! Either way, both versions are definitely catchy! Watch the video for yourself above!

Watch: Max Schneider ‘Nothing Without Love’

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3 Responses to "Max Schneider & Keke Palmer Cover Jason DeRulo’s ‘The Other Side’"

  1. Teen.com
    lana says:

    I think they should do another one they were great and I think that they would be perfect for each other the seam to make magic when there together so if keke and max are dating I will be very happy if they are not dating I will just pray and hope they will

  2. Teen.com
    Geeky Chic Girl says:

    This song is so catchy and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I’m so obsessive

  3. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    Max has the most perfect voice ever!

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