Those One Direction boys sure are cheeky, aren’t they? Earlier this week, the British boy band was seen “twerking” on stage, but now they’re up to something even more ridiculous, and Andy and Alex talking all about it.

During a concert on their Take Me Home world tour, one fan threw out a G-string made entirely of candy, so of course, Harry Styles put it on. Not only that, but Zayn Malik decided to take a bite — while Harry was wearing them! Those boys, gotta love ‘em!

Of course, that’s just one of the topics these two are covering for their latest episode. They also talk about John Mayer‘s new Prancersizing video, PS4, and much more! Watch the new ep for yourself above, and make sure to check back next Tuesday at 4 PM ET for a brand new episode!

Britney Spears’ Smurf-y New Song: Listen

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5 Responses to "Andy & Alex Show: Zayn Eats Harry’s Candy Thong!"

    ashley says:

    1d is so funny love u guys

    georgia says:

    i ♥ u guys so so much! u r great n very funny!ZAYN I ♥U

    Aubrey says:

    Oh, boys. You make me love you more! DIRECTIONERS RULE!!

    Sammy says:

    Zayn is so funny and so are the rest of the 1D guys!

    Belinda says:

    they can’t stop doing weird things I love them for this reason

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