Well hello there! For this week’s Prank Off, I decided to get one of my good friends Luke Conard! Now, the prank is pretty simple, but I feel like I got him pretty good if I do say so myself!

So basically, I went over to Luke’s to hang out, and I brought a pen that zaps the user as their writing. As we were sitting there and I vlogged a little bit, I asked Luke if he could sign an autograph, and BAM! ZAP! LOL!

Luke’s reaction is so funny! Watch the video above to see the whole thing go down, and tell me who I should prank next in the comments! Until next time! Bye!

Prank Off: Meghan Scares Her Brother!

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  • Nicolas

    Brad:well hey, thanks buddy! two pelope is good enough for me. sorry it took so long, it’s been kind of a weird week. here you go, just replace the parenthesis with a dot: pastebin)com/mD9f5WZKincidentally i think i might’ve gotten drunk and edited that in the interim because something seems different from my original draft, but i can’t quite place it

  • Anyssa Downs

    This is really funny Joey!
    Sending my psychopathic love!

  • Anyssa

    This is really funny Joey!
    Sending my psychopathic love! <3

  • anyssa

    This is really funny Joey!
    Im sending you psychopathic love! <3

  • Sammy

    Good job Joey!