Bonnie’s dead on The Vampire Diaries — we know, we were just as ‘WTF?!’ about it too — but we all know that doesn’t mean she won’t be around. It is Mystic Falls after all. And if the whole ghost-witch thing doesn’t work out, Kat Graham‘s latest single, “Power,” proves that she has a promising career in the music industry ahead of her.

She tells Billboard of the track, “The meaning behind “Power” for me was to express that true power comes from within. Someone can come into your life and unlock the door to your potential. For me, that was love, but it can be anything to anyone… It’s a song that starts off with the feeling like you’re just one of many, and someone forcing you to see that in the end, there’s only you.”

We’re assuming that when she says ‘love’ she’s referring to her relationship with fiance Cottrell Guidry. The couple announced their engagement October of last year.

Get your first listen to Kat’s new song above, then tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

What’s it like to walk in Kat Graham’s shoes? Find out on a special TVD/music-filled episode of My Day. My Life.!

Look, It’s Kat Graham — as an Old Lady!

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  • shania

    love the chorus.

  • Steph

    Love it!

    • Sam

      Amazing pictures Jenny! As awayls you outdid yourself. We will miss having you here on the East Cost but we’re excited for you and wish you and Jamie all the best!Congrats Jamie and Kat on a beautiful wedding. We wish you a long life of happiness and look forward to being a part of it : )

  • Sammy

    Not a big fan of her music.