On the latest episode of Trendin’ on Teen, host Brianna Baxter is joined by Teen correspondent Lily where they talk about Kristen Stewart, Divergent, and more!

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Kristen Stewart’s Mystery Tattoo!

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8 Responses to "Trendin’ on Teen: ‘Divergent’ vs. ‘Hunger Games’ & More!"

  1. Teen.com
    kate says:

    Personally, I think both are equally amazing. They are two different books, and personally, I am really convinced that the Divergent movie is going to suck because the cast other than Zoe and Kate all seem to suck! Shai is so rude towards the fandom and doesnt seem into the series and doesn’t seem devoted. And seriously, Tobias is so ugly(I realise he isnt supposed to be super attractive, but come on, in movies they have to be attractive) and he is way to old.

    • Teen.com
      shut up says:

      shut up dont be a hater ok they are the best thing ever and dont u dare be rude about Divergent just don’t

  2. Teen.com
    georgia says:

    Divergent is way better as long as they dont screw it up like they did with hunger games. (but just in general from the books divergent is still way better than the hunger games)

  3. Teen.com
    Nour says:

    Divergent <3

  4. Teen.com
    Nikki says:

    divergent its the best

  5. Teen.com
    Ariana says:

    Dang it. Hunger Games. NO! Divergent. IDK!!

  6. Teen.com
    sara says:

    divergent :X

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