Big Time Rush are as busy as ever thanks to their Summer Break Tour with Victoria Justice, but before they headed out, they brought our Teen cameras along with them while they were in Orlando!

In this very special My Day. My Life. episode, we get to see the guys as they perform a show at Universal Studios City Walk, meet fans, and much more! To get an inside look at their crazy busy lives, watch the video above, and don’t forget to pick up their album 24/seven, which is out now!

My Day. My Life. With Luke Conard!

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15 Responses to "My Day. My Life. With Big Time Rush!"

    oculos oakley curitiba says:

    continue with the the nice work on the site. Do like it! :p Could use some more frequent updates, but im sure that you got better or other things to do like we all have to do unfortunately.
    oculos oakley curitiba

    Jenny says:

    I wish I can meet them ^_^

    KatieTheRusher says:

    LOL they’re amazing :) <3

    wendy brett says:

    I love big time rush especially james he has lovely eyes beautiful smile he is so good looking I love to see them live in the uk

    Sophie says:

    Logan is sooo Sweet,i Love BTR,I wish I could see big time rush live

    Sophie (14) Magdeburg (Germany)

    Ciara says:

    I love that video and James made that video & was recording the video. I love his eyes, his smile, and his laugh. I liked when he got a big hug & he grunted and said ” that just made his day”. I also liked his face expressions he did & that they had those girls to help them blend in. I love James.

    samantha munoz says:

    ha i love it and at the end you can see kendall with the minion telling what to do to make a vine. also the willy wonka part killed me. i just love them <3

    camilaportel says:

    lindos perfeitos <3 amo vcs :))

    Pien says:

    Logiebear xD

    haley says:

    I went to that concert it started pouring rain before it started and stop right as the concert started it was amazing!! I have a grate spot :D

    Hannah says:

    i looooooooooooove James!!!!!!!! and his Beautiful eyes…

    Kennedie says:

    Ahhhh James has such beautiful eyes

    Kennedie says:

    James has beautiful eyes

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