On the latest episode of Trendin’ on Teen, host Brianna Baxter talks about Selena Gomez‘s new song “Love Will Remember” and more!

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  • Shelby

    I heard Selena’s new song today and it was amazing. I could personally connect to it and it’s such a powerful ballad. I normally hate breakup songs because they all seem whiny, but Selena’s seemed to show both sides and how real it is. I don’t think it was aggressive at all. The voicemail was a very creative intro and it really let you see into their relationship. Another reason it’s not aggressive is because instead of saying “oh it was all your fault blah blah blah”, she basically said “we had this amazing love but even though we’ll try to push it back in our minds, love will remember what we had.” It’s very deep and meaningful. I listened to it more than once today and I love it. I say way to go, Selena! <3