ABC Family’s got a new show coming your way — Spellmageddon. So it makes perfect sense to have talent from one of the network’s best shows (if not THE best show on the network), Pretty Little Liars, on the set to amp up the star power. Hello, Keegan Allen!

The PLL guy took a Keek video while visiting the “one-hour game show [that] puts a fresh spin on the spelling bee, where contestants take on hilarious distractions while spelling increasingly challenging words,” with the series’ host (and former Fresh Prince actor) Alfonso Ribeiro. And guess what Keegs tried to have him do — The Carlton Dance! (Be honest, if you were in the same room as Carlton Banks, you’d make him do the dance too. Right?)

The Carlton Dance, Fresh Prince

Unfortunately, Carl- erh, Alfonso wasn’t really feelin’ it. Keegan writes, “My friend Alfonso was having no part of me doin “The Carlton Dance” on the set of #SPELLMAGEDDON.”

The new game show is coming at’chya on July 24 only on ABC Family. Will you be tuning in (at least for Keegan)? What do you think of Keegs’ moves? Spill!

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7 Responses to "Keegan Allen Does ‘The Carlton Dance’ on the Set of ‘Spellmageddon’ with Alfonso Riberio (VIDEO)"

    Stephanie Moran says:

    My favorite style would have to be Aria’s style because she always has a look that you can wear day or night. It’s edgy yet cute.

    gaby moran says:

    I love Hannah’s style but I also like Arias style I guess it depends on what mood i’m in.

    Hannah says:

    My favorite style is Aria’s! She has an edgy style and looks flawless in everything! Her personality really shines through. I would love to dress like her!

    najat says:

    Aria !!!!!!!!! she is my favorite and my personality is kind like her

    emily says:

    my favorite girl i aria i love the way she dresses

    Sammy says:

    This was adorable!

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