Zayn Malik may make some questionable decisions at times — like getting an image of his girlfriend tattooed onto his arm, wha-? — but his latest bout of quick thinking totally saved Harry Styles from a raging fire.

During One Direction‘s recent concert in Illinois, while the lads performed “Teenage Dirtbag,” the curly-haired 1D guy walked so close to the on-stage flames that it nearly burned off his luscious locks. Fortunately, Zayn came to Hazza’ rescue thus saving him from what could’ve ended up in disaster. Our hero!

Watch the video above to see Zayn in action. It’s some crazy stuff. Which 1D guy would you want to come to your rescue if you were in trouble? Tell us in the comments, or on our One Direction message board!

Fellow One Direction member Niall Horan made this Teen reader’s day!

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  • Sofiya

    Verry Awesome!

  • ISpeakMyMind-You?

    Zayn saved him? It looks like Haz just ran into the fire because, well, he’s dumb like that.

  • Holly

    I’ve actually had a dream that they all came to save me! I woke up laughing!

  • Fahrani Nisrina

    I hate when your video plays automatically, I won’t watch it either.. so please stop being annoying

  • gaby

    crazy am i right if zain wouldent have ben thar harry curly hair would have burnd up

  • Dominique

    Omg I love Zayn for that he was always caring from he was small and he was paying so much atention and their were so many fans that makes the situation so distracting. He is so cute. :)

  • jessika

    Harry lukky that zayan help him pretty cool hes his superhere

  • Sammy

    That was scary!

  • Sabrina

    That’s so nice of Zayn to do!! :) And did you see Louis’ shocked face at the end? LOL!

  • zayn


  • taylor

    this is so very awesome!