We know it's bold to say that something's the best of all time. But we're making that claim right now with the latest medley of Demi Lovato songs. On his YouTube channel, Kurt Hugo Schneider performs some of the 20-year-old's top tracks, including "Heart Attack," "Skyscraper," "Warrior" and "This Is Me," along with fellow musician Sara Skinner, and it's giving us literal chills.

Get a listen to KHS' medley of D.Lo titles above. It's just as amazing as his "Heart Attack" cover, right? Well, we think so anyway. But what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Demi Lovato message board!

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  • Raquel

    sorry but i personally hate it :/ i am a lovatic and not to be mean but to me sounds as if she just forgot the lyrics of the songs and just started to sing what ever she remembered of all the demi songs she has heard

    • julian

      im a lovatic too
      you must be a dumbass not to notice that this is awesome.
      Julian OUT!

  • Bonnie Atkinson

    Would like to see more of Sara Skinner in your pages!

  • caitlyn calhoun

    I think this was a GREAT cover and I love how she added some of Demi’ s older songs!!

  • Lucy

    I’m pretty sure that “Don’t forget” is also in there

  • Sammy

    This is amazing!

  • Ellie

    Imagine if Demi sang this…double the amazing!