Filming for The Fault In Our Stars has only been going on for one day, but we've already seen a number of awesome tidbits! In addition to an Instagram shot from Ansel Elgort — aka Gus — the book's author John Green is sharing an on set vlog!

While we don't get to see TOO much — he intentionally uses weird angles so we can't see shooting locations — we still think it's pretty amazing. The video starts off with Shailene Woodley singing her signature "Good morning, good morning" tune, then goes into John as he sits in a trailer, then is on location for shooting a scene.

Now, we're not sure, but we think they could be filming the scene where they picnic at the "Funky Bones" statue? It does look like they're at a park after all! We also get to see them banter about Ansel painting miniatures, and much more! Oh, and we get a look at Hazel's mom and dad, too! Love Shai's video bomb at 1:13.

Also, it looks like things are going well thus far, as John tweeted this:

Soooo many TFiOS feels! Especial after seeing Ansel in the Smits jersey! Watch the video above for yourself!

Learn more about Shai's charitable haircut!

10 Heart-Melting 'TFiOS' Quotes

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4 Responses to "John Green Vlogs From ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Set!"

    Sammy says:

    I want to see this movie!

    Hannah says:

    I hope John vlogs more from the set!!!!

    Angela says:

    Was he intentionally wearing a blue shirt? He is so cool!

    Sophia says:

    John Green is just awesome!

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