Greaaat, the guy who was reportedly responsible for Justin Bieber's car's involvement in a hit-and-run back in March, Lil Twist, is also responsible for this piece of musical mayhem, "Twerk." And he got the Biebs and Miley Cyrus to join him for the ride, natch.

In a matter of perfect timing, the song "leaked" onto the Internet just days after Miley's uncomfortable twerk-filled performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs. Here are some of the amaze lyrics: "I came up in this party, time to twerk // I came up in this party and I'm turnt."

It's a gem, really. Listen to "Twerk" above, then tell us your honest thoughts in the comments. Whether you're dumbfounded or totally into it, we wanna know!

On a totally different (musical) note, here's Miley Cyrus taking on Broadway:

Celebrities Who Say No to Twerking

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  • lashawna

    hey what you doing

  • Sammy

    I hate their duet!

  • Manal

    Ooohhh come on u people the is so cool n hot I like the twerk thingy they do (twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk) hahahaha JB & MILEY RULES

  • Manal

    Ooh come u people this is mind blowing ….I like the twerk thingy miley n justin says (twerk twerk twerk twerk)

  • Chris

    If Justin Bieber wasn’t in it, and it was a faster beat you could actually twerk to, I’d like it a lot more

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  • Amore

    Ewww twerking is soo last season….i mean lyk its soo lame right now especially since thats all Miley thinks of doing and i also do miss Hannah Montana but i think Miley is just having the time o her life when she wants to get rid of the image she built as a disney star ver the years, hopefully she has an epiphany real soon

  • Cris

    I remember when I was fan of Hannah Montana, I miss the old miley..

    • Manal

      The song is so good

  • vanessa

    Miley should really stop pretending to have sex while “singing”. Seriously it’s not a skill and you dont look attractive or sexy you look more like a dog. My apologies to all the dogs that got offended that was not my intention.

  • Sara

    Eww this song is disgusting. i think there should be a law to prevent miley cyrus from twerking ever again

  • Pragya

    Holy Crap! 😮 I didn’t like the miley part! or else, I liked it