A random girl made a video that claims to be the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER," and honestly the biggest fail about this is the fact that people believe it's real. First, we will give them props for planning all this out. The candles, the alcohol conveniently sitting out on the table, the fire proof pants, breaking a table — a lot of effort was put into making this "candid" video.

We don't want to seem all "Negative Nancy" but let's get to the real point here — it's totally fake. Exhibit A: of all the places to "twerk" in your home, you really are going to choose the door? Really? Also, isn't it convenient that she just so happens to turn up the music a little louder before she starts to twerk? It practically reeks of scheming. You can just picture the two planning it out and saying "OK, when I turn the music up, I'll start twerking on the door, then you come in like 10 seconds later? OK?"

Also, she seems like an agile girl. You'd think she'd know better than to just fall into the table. Or for that matter, you think she'd take extra precaution when she decided to make this "twerk" video, and do more to ensure the door was locked. And don't you think should would have been able to tell the door was being tampered with?

Regardless, people are going to watch this, but we just want you to be informed. As you know, we've been over twerking for a while now, and this does nothing but reiterate our distaste for the "dance" craze.

Watch the video above for yourself IF YOU MUST, and tell us what YOU think of it in the comments.

Let's be real — the worst twerk fail ever was Miley at the VMAs…

Listen: Miley & Justin's 'Twerk' Collab

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  • Geeky Chic Girl

    IT’S FAKE!! I saw it on Jimmy Kimmel, her real name is Daphne and she is a stunt-woman, I can’t believe people actually believed it and it was even on the news, we can all blame Miley!

  • Kennedy

    It is fake. It’s a stung that the girl did with jimmy kimmel. You can find it on YouTube.

  • person

    I don’t like over-thinking on little things like that but she could’ve just been drunk and stupid or it’s fake but i don’t care either way. About Miley, she is taking it way to far. she used to be a role model for kids on a Disney show and now she’s a slut.


      i agree i was a fan of her when i was a kid

  • Nandini

    She pushes her toes off the door to fall forward…

  • Nyein Win Pyae

    Be carefully next time!

  • Hannah

    Now that I have watched it over and over it becomes to look more and more fake. Although I don’t know anyone who would really want to put themselves on fire. I don’t know. Twerking is also overplayed now. Everyone is doing its just annoying. Everyone can dance with their butts it just takes practice. Twerking isn’t that special.

  • Kayla

    Over analyzing the video makes it less funny for youselves. Way to go, buzzkill.com

  • Sammy

    Oh my gosh! That’s scary!

  • Ashley

    I am totally over twerking too. It’s been way too hyped up, and is just gross. I agree that it seems planned out. The only thing that would make me think it was real was the fact that she was obviously drinking and the alcohol mixing with the candles is extremely flammable. Either way you can learn two things from this video. 1 twerking not cute. 2. Never have an open flame next to alcohol because it causes you to do stupid things that end up starting a fire.

  • yashande

    i think the twerking ON THE DOOR part (when the other girl came in from the door) was faked but when she was on fire it looked real.