Poor Selena Gomez! It looks like she's just not over her relationship with Justin Bieber. While performing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Sunday, Selena got choked up during her song "Love Will Remember." The song, off of her hit album Stars Dance, is reportedly about her relationship with Justin. The pair has been on and off for the past year but most recently were thought to be on-again when Justin showed up to Selena's 21st birthday party.

While Selena was just recently seen in New York for the MTV Video Music Awards, Bieber was a no show. Selena instead attended the show alongside BFF Taylor Swift and even took home a trophy for Best Pop Video. Now Selena is overseas doing a leg of her Stars Dance tour while Justin has been on a break from his own tour. So, with no Jelena sightings in over a month, has their relationship switched to off-again?

In the video posted above Selena is seen fighting back tears as she tries to finish performing the heartbreaking song. It sounds like Selena had trouble saying the last few lines of the song, "Love will remember you, and love will remember me, I know it inside my heart, forever will forever be ours, even if we tried to forget, love will remember." When it looks like she can't go on, we hear the crowd begin to cheer and Selena manages to finish the song and then appears to run off after it's over. We're sure Selena is very thankful for her fans, not only did they get her through this performance but today the hashtag #SelenatorsAreHereForSelena was trending worldwide on Twitter. Aw! So sweet!

So, what do you guys think? Is there still hope for Jelena? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Courtney

    I love Justin Bieber so fuck all of u bitch Selena is a punk ass bitch who needs to grow up and not turn in to Taylor writing songs about her love life guess what no who gives a fuck o and the reason for Selena not writing her own songs is cause she is a lazy fuck who sits on her ass all day doing Nothen that’s y she is so fat she is a whore ,slut ,scank , every name in the book and if u r reading this and disagree with my I don’t give a shit about what u have to say ok bye ✌️ Bitches. LOVE U JUSTIN

    • ayan

      you are not right for justin plus u are all those words u said to selena

  • Taamara

    Jelena <3 I wish they will get back together, let the haters fade away, be happy, ignore the bad things and yea selenators r always here!! Stay strong Lena xxox

  • Rosie

    Man i thought Austin Mahone would be #1

  • Haifa

    at the first she was singing everybody knows that your boyfriend is douchebag and i knew you were trouble songs, and now she’s crying? that’s so fucking funny guys!! and you know what the big problem is? that she’s lying she’s not the one who wrote the lyrics!! OMG SHE’S A BITCH.

    • Riri

      You’re not important, and nobody cares what you think. Why don’t you do all of us a favor and leave Selena and her life alone? Thank you 😀

    • Laura

      Ok first of all,Selena didn’t write “I knew you were trouble” Taylor swift did so get your facts right. Second of all,Selena isn’t a bitch so just leave her alone ok?

      • Alex

        Leave selena gomez alone she’s heart broken coz jb is a son of bitch and his a bitch and ass hole bitch,coz if he was lovely and sweet as his fans says so then he wouldn’t do what he did to her break her heart and the most thing she did was sing a song for him to remember there love will remember isn’t sweet of her even though Justin bieber hurt her very much she stand still with the broken heart i would never do that to her if i was my self i will treat her right and by the way she never hurt him that much he always flirt with a girl without selena gomez knowing or if she’s not with M.As award but she wouldn’t believe that coz she thinks that his a good boyfriend but at least everyone is watching they don’t want to her to know coz she will be hurt like Katy perry knew even though there back she won’t forget all the crazy thing she loved about him and she won’t forget how he hurt her by flirting or whatever he does when she’s not around basically she’s on wild crazy lovely tour. =>I love selena gomez no matter what the people say on her or gossip about her about jb the things she won’t say about him so the people are liars i can tell=>tell me something i don’t know.

    • Laura

      Awww! This is too cute and it shows Selena still has feelings for Justin! I am proud to say I was part of this trend aswell. :-)

    • Arina

      U son of a bitch how dare say that about selena
      U r the worst person on earth u ahole

  • Elena

    Awww, Selena stay strong, your an amazing person!

  • Beliebe2409

    Awww OMG i’m really crying right nowww ;'((((((

  • joy

    awww,stay strong selena

  • mariam

    im proud to say i was a part of this trend <3

  • Lani

    Wow man she just cried right there aaaaawwwwww

  • Ange

    Awww.. :'(

  • Noee

    God can’t she have feelings without people trying to make a huge deal about it!

  • Sammy

    Aw! Stay strong Selena!

  • Brandon

    She didn’t cry