Is there anything Instagram can’t do? Last year we saw an entire music video made from Instagram stills, but now for NGHBRS‘s latest music video, they used the video function to capture the entire thing.

As you can see in the music video for “Hold Up Girl” above, the whole video takes place in the app, and was shot using the uber popular photo sharing app as well. Capturing an over three-minute long music video in 15-second increments? We’re sure it was certainly a labor of love! While they post “regular” shots, they skimp on cool special effects, either. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty great too!

This is definitely unlike anything we’ve ever seen before — and we mean that in the best way possible! Watch the mindblowing video for yourself above!

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  • Roseane

    Always such a joy to see a new post from you! :) I wish we had a mud room , too. My entryway is very silamir to yours with the narrow window next to the front door. I have a silamir set up with the coat rack. Love your pretty French coat rack and all the lined up boots. I like how you use totes to hide odds n ends. Last year, keeping gloves and hats together was not the greatest. Have a great weekend!Lars

  • Sammy

    That’s pretty cool!