Fans of Adventure Time, rejoice! Not only did we have Jeremy Shada — aka the voice of Finn — on the Andy Andy Show earlier this week, but now you’ll get a special behind the scenes look into his everyday life! That’s right, Jeremy let our Teen cameras follow him around for an entire day, so you get an inside look!

First things first, he started off the day with a bowl of his favorite cereal. After breakfast, he met with his acting coach who called him “one of the greats”! Then, he grabbed some lunch while answering fan questions on Twitter before heading to a couple of auditions. When he finished that up, he went to the Cartoon Network headquarters to record Adventure Time!

In addition to all that, we chatted with Jeremy about what we can expect from future Adventure Time episodes, who he wants to work with next (hint, Robert Downey Jr.!), where he sees his career going, and much more!

Watch the full episode above, and stay tuned for another episode of My Day. My Life. next Sunday at 7 PM ET!

My Day. My Life. With Tiffany Houghton!

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  • Sarah

    He’s just so awesome. An average teen that gets to do so much more, epic.

  • Sam

    i just love this kid!

  • Jeremy fan forever

    Young Jeremy Shadas day/life is AMAZING he is truly blessed and very special. He’s a phenomenal actor and I would love to meet him one day. I I had a wish it would be to meet Jeremy shada. That would be the best day of my life that would be the best thing that’s every happened to me . I would be the happiest girl in the face of the earth. I will always and forever be a fan of Jeremy no matter what he says, or does. He will make mistakes but I will be there by his side to help pick him up. I love you Jeremy shada:)

  • Destiny

    I love Jeremy so much! Adventure Time is my all time fave cartoon show!!!!

    • Emily Pelfrey

      I love Jeremy sharia he is awesome at acting as fin and on his other show I think it was great at it he is so cool and I think he is will be awesome at. The hall of games